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Lavender Balm

Daily Moisturizing

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"A must-have for everyone!"

"This stuff is inside my purse at all times. Throughout the day, I'm often found applying the tiniest amount to my hands and cuticles. I use it consistently on my hands and feet every night before going to bed and in the morning, I notice a huge difference. Oh. And, my dog loves it for her itchy spots, too. Basically, this balm is my family's go-to for anything itchy, dry skin and even sunburn!"

Skin Care Set Your Only Earth

Skin Care Set

The fastest chemical-free system for your beautiful face.

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"Wow!!" (Shavegrass Skin Care Set)

"Your Only Earth has been a game changer on my 75 yr old face!!! Dark spots have disappeared and my skin is sooo moist without any breakouts! Your products are amazing and I can attest to their beautiful results with the most wonderful natural ingredients. I only wish I had had this skincare line years ago."

A Little Latte-For Eyes

Say goodbye to dark circles & eye puffiness in a few, quick dabs.

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"Love this eye balm!"

"As a tired mom and teacher, I needed something that would help my puffy eyes and fine lines without causing my eyes to tear up, as I'm very sensitive in the eye area. This stuff is magical!"

  • We Guarantee Our Products

    We have faith in our products and we believe you will love them. But, if after 45 days, your skin doesn't like something, let Christie know via the contact form. She'll be happy to set up a free consult by facetime & offer something else for you to try, FREE of charge! You can also choose to send the product back for a full refund.