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Lavender Balm

Lavender Balm

The Lavender Balm from Your Only Earth is the ultimate all-in-one remedy for all your skin needs. With a risk-free, money-back guarantee, you can trust in the quality and effectiveness of this product.

The All-n-One Remedy!

Say goodbye to multiple moisturizers and healing lotions, and hello to the Lavender Balm. This minimalist's dream product is made with the finest organic ingredients and infused with hand-picked organic lavender. It contains no artificial fragrances, making it safe for all skin types. Christie, our founder, first made this product for her dry itchy teacher hands. (She washed them often in a room full of elementary kiddos.)

Experience Nature's Healing Power

Delight in the velvety texture of African Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E, and feel the soothing, calming sensation of this high-quality, small-batch balm. It is perfect for soothing and relieving dry skin, cracked feet, and pesky dry cuticles. It can even be used as a daily moisturizer for babies, including their little feet.

Perfect for Various Skin Irritations

Not just limited to dry skin, the Lavender Balm is your go-to for sunburns, itchy scalp and dandruff, post-shave irritation, and even your dog's itchy spots. This highly concentrated balm will last 4-5 months with daily use, as a little goes a long way.

Make the Switch to Lavender Balm

Experience the finest of nature's healing power with Lavender Balm from Your Only Earth. Say goodbye to unnecessary and chemical-filled products and make the switch to this restorative balm. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ann (Placida, US)
Pamper your feet

The lavender balm is the perfect way to pamper your feet after wearing sandals which I do in Florida all winter long. I like to put it on as I go to bed to soften those callouses. Works wonders and has a pleasant subtle fragrance of lavender but not overpowering.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for our Lavender Balm. We are thrilled to hear that it has been the perfect way to pamper your feet after wearing sandals all winter long in Florida. We are also glad to know that it has been effective in softening callouses and that you enjoy its subtle lavender fragrance. Thanks for the 5 stars!

Donna (Omaha, US)
Great Stuff

Love this lavender balm a little pricey but great stuff. A little goes along way

Thank you for leaving a 5 star review for our Lavender Balm! We're so glad to hear that you love it! We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of it.

H. (Akron, US)

another holy grail I love in your line! It’s such a smooth and buttery texture. A little goes a long way too, I was worried about that because price wise I wasn’t sure about spending the money on it but I was VERY pleased that I took the leap and it works amazing. I keep a little tin of it in my kitchen window for when I’m doing dishes and my hands are dry and the big tin I’m my bathroom for when I get out of the shower and my eczema if flared up. My daughter has loved it this winter for her little cracked knuckles from playing outside without gloves on. And the smell… sooo fresh and comforting!

We are so happy to hear that you are loving our Lavender Balm! Thank you for taking the leap and trying it out, we are thrilled that it has exceeded your expectations. Our team works hard to create high quality organic products that are worth the investment. We're glad to hear that it has been a helpful solution for you and your family, especially during the winter months. The fresh and comforting scent of lavender is a bonus, isn't it? Thank you for your support and for sharing your experience with us. We truly appreciate it!

Anthony Lekutis (Euclid, US)
Great Product

This lavender balm is a cure off or anything itchy, scratchy. It cures it up so fast any dry skin.. I love the Smell and feel.

Thank you for your 5 star review! We're so happy to hear that our Lavender Balm has been a great solution for any itching, dry skin. We love the scent and feel as well. It's always a plus when a product not only works well but also smells great - with only REAL lavender inside - no fragrance oils!

Crystal (Columbus, US)
Great multitasker

I have this sitting on my desk and reach for it several times a day. I use it on my hands, cuticles and elbows. It has a beautiful scent and feels great on my skin.

Thank you for your wonderful review of our Lavender Balm! We are so happy to hear that it has become a multitasking staple on your desk. Our team takes pride in creating products with a beautiful organic scent and great feel on the skin. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy using it on your hands, cuticles, and elbows!!

We want you to know!

The details.

Organic Ingredients.

A proprietary infusion of Pure Lavender into Sunflower Oil & fractionated coconut oil, Refined African Shea Butter, Raw African Shea Butter,* Beeswax & Tocopherol (vitamin E.)

*"Due to the Raw African Shea Butter, this product may get produce tiny balls or feel grainy. Simply rub the balm in your hands and this heat will make the product smooth for application. Those grains are parts or molecules of your butter that cooled off faster than the rest. They have separated and have cooled off quickly, while the rest of your product has cooled off at a different temperature. Let that sink in for a minute: those grains are parts or molecules of your butter that cooled off faster than the rest. Welcome to homemade, synthetic-free skin care. In a traditional cosmetics lab, there are numerous ingredients and products that, when added to a formula, prevent grainy from forming." - From Better Shea Butter dot com

How to use.

Massage into the area needing healing. Use as often as necessary to repair, moisturize, and help heal.

Caring for your Organic Product.

All our products are organic and don't like water because we don't use harmful chemical preservatives. Simply keep the water out of the products, because water can encourage bacterial growth. It's also a good idea to keep them out of direct sunlight and hot places, like your car, for instance. Now, as for our soaps, we know you have to mix with water to use them. After using, just keep the bar out of water as much as possible to prevent a gooey mess.

Choosing the Best Product for You

Lavender Balm is great for the items listed in the description, but if you have a small open cut or scrape, might we suggest Gramma's Salve? Gramma's Salve contains pine sap, which helps close up a small cut or scrape. For deep wounds, consult your doctor, of course.

How we make it smell pretty!

We don't use anything synthetic that can cause irritation and over time, possible damage to your lungs. So, our products are mildly scented with pure plant materials, including pure, organic & natural essential oils.

What is plant infusion?

First, we have to harvest! We grow our own lavender and mint. Then, we dry it all out. Last, we mix the dried plants into oils like sunflower, olive and coconut. Using heat and time, this creates a thick, plant infusion that is then used in the products. We do the same with Roses, Shavegrass, Coffee, & Chamomile & source these from small, local businesses whenever possible.

Tested on Humans Only

We don't ever test on animals. Only human family members, friends, and customers. (Some customers have been using our products since the start - ten years now!)

Gluten-Free, Chemical-Free, & Fragrance Oil-Free

Yup. Plants. No toxic preservatives or
"hidden" ingredients or extra fillers, such as water.

Most of our stuff is Vegan, too!

Most of our products are vegan. And, the only non-vegan ingredients are beeswax (organically sourced) and in our Gramma's Salve, we use Organic Lard, which was the traditional ingredient Christie's Great-Grandmother used.

We Guarantee Our Products!

We have faith in our products and we believe you will love them. But, if after 45 days, your skin doesn't like something, let Christie know via the contact form. She'll be happy to set up a free consult by facetime & offer something else for you to try, FREE of charge! You can also choose to send the product back for a full refund.