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Daily Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Daily Cleanser & Makeup Remover

Clinically shown to effectively remove makeup, sunscreen, and grime, not moisture. Creating balance on the skin, this one-n-done cleanser is a must for your organic beauty routine.

Plant - Skin Type
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Choosing the Best Product for You

During our time of creating products, researching and customer trials, we found that these plants work well for the issues listed, however, use your intuition and listen to your skin to choose what feels best for YOU.

Lavender - Sensitive/Ance Prone/Cystic Acne

Coffee - Oily/Acne Prone

Rose - Dry/Rosacea

Shavegrass - Youth Enhancing

Organic Ingredients.

A proprietary infusion of plant material into Sunflower Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, French Green Clay and Vitamin E (tocopherol) a proprietary blend of Essential oils.

Each specific type has its own plant inside:
Lavender: lavender
Rose: roses
Shavegrass: shavegrass & chamomile

How to use.

Apply about a quarter-sized amount to your DRY face using gentle circular motions. It's even safe on the closed lids of your eyes for makeup removal. Then, use a very warm washcloth, wipe off. Feel the difference in your skin immediately!

Caring for your Organic Product.

All our products are organic and don't like water because we don't use harmful chemical preservatives. Simply keep the water out of the products, because water can encourage bacterial growth. It's also a good idea to keep them out of direct sunlight and hot places, like your car, for instance. Now, as for our soaps, we know you have to mix with water to use them. After using, just keep the bar out of water as much as possible to prevent a gooey mess.

How we make it smell pretty!

We don't use anything synthetic that can cause irritation and over time, possible damage to your lungs. So, our products are mildly scented with pure plant materials, including pure, organic & natural essential oils.

What is plant infusion?

First, we have to harvest! We grow our own lavender and mint. Then, we dry it all out. Last, we mix the dried plants into oils like sunflower, olive and coconut. Using heat and time, this creates a thick, plant infusion that is then used in the products. We do the same with Roses, Shavegrass, Coffee, & Chamomile & source these from small, local businesses whenever possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Haley (Paterson, US)
Tried once and I’ll never go back to my old ways!

This oil based cleanser is OUTSTANDING! It removes makeup better than any of my other face wipes I’ve tried. It is a gentle cleanser even without removing makeup. After washing my face, the skin doesn't feel tight and dry, it feels soft and hydrated! Usually I get a breakout or two after starting a new product but no breakouts occurred once I made the switch and all I’ve noticed are the improvement of my skin since using this cleanser!

Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with our Daily Cleanser & Makeup Remover! We are thrilled to hear that it has exceeded your expectations and that you have noticed an improvement in your skin. Our goal is to provide gentle and effective products, and we are glad to know that this cleanser has become your new go-to. Thank you for choosing our brand and we hope to continue providing you with great skincare solutions.

Emily Peller (Cleveland, US)
Skin treat!

My skin has been try all my life. In the winter I feel like I’m going to crack open. This cleanser leaves me feeling so hydrated and clean! Plus I love the routine of washing my face after my shower rather than in the shower - makes it feel more special and intentional. It’s a treat!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We're thrilled to hear that our Daily Cleanser & Makeup Remover has been a treat for your dry skin. We totally agree that washing your face after a shower can feel more special and intentional. SELF-CARE is what it's all about, right? Thanks again for your support and happy cleansing!

Meredith Engel (Cleveland, US)
My ONLY Facial Cleanser

For years I went back and forth between different facial cleansers, avoiding the dreaded return of breakouts once a product stopped working on my skin. I've been using this product every. single. day. for 4+ years and it's consistently kept my skin clear and moisturized. It removes all makeup - even though mascara. (I haven't purchased makeup remover since.) As a plus, it makes me feel good knowing I'm putting real ingredients only from the Earth on my skin, and NO MORE PLASTIC!!! Can't recommend enough.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a glowing review for our Daily Cleanser & Makeup Remover. We are thrilled to hear that it has become your go-to facial cleanser and has helped keep your skin clear and moisturized for over 4 years. We take pride in using only natural ingredients and being environmentally friendly, so we're happy to hear that this resonates with you as well. Thank you for your support and recommendation, it means a lot to us. Have a beautiful and love-filled day!

A.F. (Columbus, US)
Thorough make up remover

My favorite way to use this product is to take my makeup off right before the shower! It’s the first step of my night time routine, and I love the way my skin feels so soft after I use this!

Thank you for sharing your review with us! We're so happy to hear that our Daily Cleanser & Makeup Remover is your go-to for thorough makeup removal. That's a great tip to use it right before your shower - we love it as the first step in our nighttime routine too! It's great to know that it leaves your skin feeling soft as well. YAY!

Sally Tomko (Cleveland, US)
This is an amazing!

Just after one use, my skin was so smooth and glowing.
Definitely a favorite!