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Meredith's Mint

Meredith's Mint

What sets Meredith's Mint apart is the added French Green Clay, which gives the soap extra lather and allows it to gently glide along the skin. It's even great for hair, especially for those with fine textures. This soap is lovingly named after Christie's youngest daughter, who inspired her to create a mint-scented soap.

Each bar of Meredith's Mint goes through a meticulous process before it reaches your shower, bath, or sink. Made in small batches for quality, the soap takes 4-6 weeks to fully cure, ensuring that it is safe and gentle for the whole family to use. And now, you can also get the matching Conditioner Bar for a complete organic cleansing experience.

Don't miss out on the chance to try Meredith's Mint for yourself. Use the coupon code SaveSoap5 to get the fourth bar for only $5 when you buy three. Get organically sudsy with the best soap on the market.

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Choosing the Best Product for You

We wrote longer descriptions here if you're still undecided.

Charcoal Detox - Good for deep cleansing on the entire body, acne anywhere, & feet, too! Many customers have come back time and again for this one. Especially the dudes.

Clay Facial Bar - Formulated for the skin of the face. Gentler than the charcoal. However, you will need a bit of extra moisturizer after using this.

Clove - A warming scent of fall & winter, but great for the entire year. And, for the dishes, too!

Every Now & Zen - With real sandalwood for a gentle exfoliation and patchouli, this bar was named by Christie's oldest and very witty daughter, Anna.

Farmer Tom's Soap - Christie's husband asked her for a dude soap that would really deep clean after taking care of their chickens & after he rolled on the gym mats during Jiu Jitsu. This was the one they agreed on after trying several batches.

Free Spirit - A personal favorite of many, this scent is also available in a roll-on perfume. A fun everyday soap for hand washing and body cleansing.

Happy Dog - Named after Happy, our Chiweenie dog, this soap really gets rid of the stink of a good roll in Lake Erie fish. (True story!) Finish off the dog's bath with Happy Coat and you and your dog will be happy.

Healer - Great for itchy, dry skin with dried plants for exfoliation. A nice, soothing scent of lavender, roses, and calendula. Calming, too.

Lavender - Our most gentle of soaps. Just lavender! Very lightly scented with pure Lavender Essential Oil. 

Meredith's Mint - It was formulated for the entire body, but we soon discovered it's great in the hair, too! Especially fine hair.

Oatmeal Soap - Rashes, dryness and our most gentle exfoliator with bits of ground oatmeal.

Shampoo Bar - This one is a hit with the curly, thick and wavy haired folks.

Organic Ingredients.

Saponified oils of: Sunflower, Olive, Castor and Coconut Oils with Raw African Shea Butter. A proprietary blend of Essential Oils is inside each bar. Some bars have traces of roses, lavender, coffee, eucalyptus, and lemongrass herbs sprinkled in/on top. Some have mica, clay or charcoal, too!

How to use.

Like any other bar of soap! Keep out of the eyes or YIKES. Burn baby burn. Keep out of the water when not using, or else it'll turn into a gooey mess.

Caring for your Organic Product.

All our products are organic and don't like water because we don't use harmful chemical preservatives. Simply keep the water out of the products, because water can encourage bacterial growth. It's also a good idea to keep them out of direct sunlight and hot places, like your car, for instance. Now, as for our soaps, we know you have to mix with water to use them. After using, just keep the bar out of water as much as possible to prevent a gooey mess.

How we make it smell pretty!

We don't use anything synthetic that can cause irritation and over time, possible damage to your lungs. So, our products are mildly scented with pure plant materials, including pure, organic & natural essential oils.

What is plant infusion?

First, we have to harvest! We grow our own lavender and mint. Then, we dry it all out. Last, we mix the dried plants into oils like sunflower, olive and coconut. Using heat and time, this creates a thick, plant infusion that is then used in the products. We do the same with Roses, Shavegrass, Coffee, & Chamomile & source these from small, local businesses whenever possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kristin W (Detroit, US)
Love this soap!

I absolutely love this soap. I have sensitive skin and most soaps make me itchy. This soap not only smells wonderful but my skin loves it as well. I’ve also used this soap on my hair with great results!

Thank you so much for your kind words about our Meredith's Mint soap. We're thrilled to hear that it's working well for your sensitive skin and that you've even had success using it on your hair. That's amazing! Christie also loves it for her hair, too! We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy our product.

Sheryl Patry (North Ridgeville, US)
Invigorating mornings!

Showering each morning with Merideths Mint soap rejuvenates and energises me for another beautiful day!

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely review for Meredith's Mint soap. We are thrilled to hear that it invigorates you for your mornings and helps start your day off on a refreshing note. We hope it continues to bring a little extra boost to your routine.

Haley (Akron, US)
I love every soap!

I have yet to find a soap you make that I don’t like. I will for sure be buying soap from you from now until forever. I love the Anne’s soap bags you sell with the soap! It’s perfect for gifting and more helpful than lathering up a wash cloth-perfect so my daughter (4 years old) can be independent in the bath without dropping it a million times. I also like that your soap doesn’t turn to mush after it’s gotten wet and each bar lasts me about a month I think. It lathers nicely and I use it for shaving my legs too.

Thank you so much for your kind words and for being a loyal customer. We're thrilled to hear that you love all of our soaps and that the Anne's soap bags have been helpful for you and your daughter. We take pride in creating long-lasting and quality products, and we're glad to hear that our soap doesn't turn to mush and lasts for about a month for you. Thank you for your support and for choosing Meredith's Mint. Happy bathing!