What is Oil Based Cleansing & How do You do it? Only Earth

What is Oil Based Cleansing & How do You do it?


The reasoning behind oil cleansing is the chemistry of “like cures like.”

  • This method attracts and lifts excess 'bad' oils from the skin, along with anything else from your day, like makeup.

And, this helps to

  • Clean out pores and minimize their appearance.

Why use Your Only Earth?

  • The precious, plant-infused oils are formulated into a balm with added French Green Clay. This adds to the effectiveness of the product itself and also allows the user to place the cleanser exactly she needs it. It's not runny, like most oils cleansers.
  • Toning with our plant-infused formula right after cleansing, helps to promote pH balance and prepares your skin to receive the moisture.
  • Our Beauty Oils have been formulated with plants first, a different type for each skin type, replenishing your skin.

Here's how to use our Skin Care Products!

YOE Hack: (Grab a washcloth and get it very warm by running it under hot water before you accomplish step one.)

Step one:
Apply only about a dime/nickel size amount of Daily Cleanser to your DRY face. This includes over closed eyelids, too! Gently rub all around your beautiful face in circular motions.  Use your hot washcloth to remove. If you have stubborn mascara, use a bit of coconut oil to aid in the removal, along with your washcloth.

Step two: Then, spray 2-4 spritzes of our Toner all over your cleaned face.

Step three: Apply 2-3 drops of our Maui Magic for moisturizing. For best results, apply while your skin is still damp.

That's it!



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