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The Reasons

When I created my Skin Care system, I wanted something that was easy to use and fast, too, because I didn't have a lot of time each day. So, I researched what was absolutely necessary for the skin of the face, and created my products that way. 3 simple steps. Cleansing. Toning. Moisturizing.

Combining the makeup removal and cleansing in one step was the first thing I wanted to do. I kept hearing about the makeup cloths (wasteful) that also required extra cleansing after use. I didn't want to create a cleanser that had to include a chemical preservative. So, a water-based cleanser was out.

I learned that oil-cleansing was an amazing way to cleanse! Like cures like. It's a chemistry thing. But, who wants oil dripping down her skin while cleansing each night? 

So, by creating an oil-based cleansing system within a balm that also had a bit of extra oomph with French Green Clay, I did it! Superior cleansing, makeup removal and gentle enough for daily use. WOOHOO!

Then, Toners were created with real plants infused inside each bottle, because I wanted plant power! Strained twice before pouring, sometimes a spare lavender bud or rose petal sneaks in. Lastly, the Maui Magic moisturizing oils were created, finishing off the Skin Care Ritual. 

And, when I cleanse each night, I still consider this an act of Self-Love and think of it as my own personal Organic Facial.
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