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Years ago, I first used my healing balm on my dog, Fair, for her hot spots. She was a gorgeous Aussie/Spaniel mix dog with tons of energy. She'd itch herself raw each spring and nothing seemed to work. So, I applied some of my lavender infused balm on her hot spots and it worked! No more itchy, hot spots and her coat never looked better. 

She left us about 8 years ago now.

Then, four years ago, I adopted Happy, my Chiweenie. When he needed to be bathed, I used my bar soap on him and then covered his coat in my balms and oils. Happy Dog Products were officially born and first sold in my little island shop on Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

I rebranded and brought them back this summer of '24 for the Cleveland markets and anyone online, too!

Happy Hot Spots is for those itchy, dry spots and even the bottoms of feet to protect them from heat and cold. Happy Coat is the BEST oil for after bathing your doggie with Happy Dog Soap.

I married Tom, who came with a Whippet, Doberman and mutt/pitty/boxer mix and all of them have been helped with Happy Dog products. Our pack is shiny and gorgeous, much less itchy and calmed down with my lavender-infused, organic products.

Your dog deserves organic, too!

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