Oil for cleansing your Skin? Only Earth

Oil for cleansing your Skin?

The reasoning behind oil cleansing is the chemistry of “like cures like.”

  • This method attracts and lifts excess oil on your skin.

And, this helps to

  • Clean out clogged pores.
  • Remove dead skin, pollutants, and makeup.

I think it's pretty simple, actually. And, I like simple.

Why use my formulas? 
1. The precious, plant-infused oils are formulated into a balm with added French Green Clay. This adds to the effectiveness of the product itself and also allows the user to place the cleanser exactly she needs it. It's not messy like other oil-cleansing systems.

2. Toning with our plant-infused formula right after cleansing, helps to promote pH balance and prepares your skin to receive the moisture.

3. My Maui Magic Beauty Oils have been formulated with plants first, with a different type for each skin type, replenishing your skin as needed.

Love, Christie


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