Making your very own Lotion Only Earth

Making your very own Lotion

So, as you may have come to learn about my company, Your Only Earth, we don't like to use chemical preservatives because we truly believe, over time, these can cause damage to your body and the Earth.

Lotions you buy at the drugstore or even the fancy department store have chemical preservatives in them. They're a blend of oils and water.

Oils + Water + other stuff = mold, bacteria and fungus growth.

When I learned that you could make a product moisturize your body and face without chemicals to preserve them and prevent the icky stuff, I was super overjoyed!

You have to formulate it WITHOUT water or use a natural/plant-based product extender, such as Leucidal Liquid. But, we in the Organic Skin Care world, know that even this product extender won't keep away the icky stuff for as long as chemical preservatives. 

So, most of my products are made in oils. And, I'm not talking about essential oils, but instead: Coconut, Olive, Sunflower, Castor, Hempseed, Rosehip, Jojoba, Vitamin E. These oils cannot grow bacteria, mold or fungus without another ingredient to help it along, such as water.

Instead, I encourage you to create your own "lotion" when applying my skin care. Here's what you do.

After cleansing with either my Clay Facial Bar or Daily Cleanser, apply the Toner. If you really want extra moisture, also add a spritz of Rosewater. Immediately following the these applications, while your skin is damp, apply 1-3 drops of Maui Magic.

This is what lotion is! Except, you're creating it during the application - without any chemical preservatives - get it? 

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