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Knowing better, doing better.

I'm always learning. I hope I never stop!
And this is why...
I am removing mica from my soaps.
Because, mica is a questionable ingredient.
A customer recently led me down a rabbit hole and I'm so grateful because I was unaware. 
I knew mica is a natural ingredient that comes from ground up rocks. And, I LOVE rocks! Always have. I even had a rock collection as a kid and still pick one or two up when I'm home on Put-in-Bay (an island in Lake Erie.)
What I was unaware of, is that some companies use colorants that aren't natural. 
I researched a bit more and was unable to determine whether the mica I was using was colored in a natural or chemical way. Even though the source said it was non-toxic, required no FDA labeling, and was safe for cold-processed soaps, I am still not 100% sure that the colorant is from a natural, pure source, like my clays.
So, to be on the safest side, I'll be removing mica from the soaps: Free Spirit and Clove (when in season again this fall.) Free Spirit will still have the same amazing blend of essential oils and Clove will still contain real cloves and clove essential oil, too, but no more mica. Currently, each bar contains - at the MOST - 1/18 of a tsp. of mica in each bar.
I will continue to use clays and charcoal for other "colors" in my soaps.
"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou.
Thanks for joining me on this journey with my small business!
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