It's for the Dogs. Only Earth

It's for the Dogs.

Several years ago, when my Australian Shepherd/Cocker Spaniel mix named Fair, was getting her usual itchy hot spots, I didn't know how to help her. I had tried everything. Changed her food, bathed her in different things from the vet's office, and topical used creams, even trying Benadryl. But, that made her drowsy and not her usual fun self.

It was springtime, the worst time for her, and I had just made a balm over the winter that I called Lavender Balm. I knew the ingredients inside were safe for dogs, so I thought, why not? I also knew about the properties of Lavender and what it was helpful for: itchines, dryness, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, calming. It can even help keep flies and other insects off!

I shaved her fur, bathed her, then covered her with Lavender Balm. I then continued the balm massages once or twice a week. Her fur grew back in thick, shiny and without any hot spots! For the first time in her life she was finally at peace during her spring allergy time. For the last years of her life, Fair often smelled of Lavender and had the most gorgeous coat.

Fair left us about six years ago and I vowed she was my last dog.

Oh how wrong I was! I couldn't stay away from the love of dogs!!

This is DaVinci, our Whippet. (see below) He's old and has ears that get itchy. So, Lavender Balm has come to the rescue many times. Happy, our Chiweenie also loves it and we've heard from customers how great it is for their dogs, too.

My life is now filled with five dogs, five chickens, and our cat named Charlie. Some of you may remember the orange tabby from visiting us at our island shop? Even though he acts much like a dog, we don't use the balm on him. And, not on the chickens, either. Lavender Balm is for the dogs - in the best of ways.

Love, Christie

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