How I knew when I was on my "highest" Life Path Only Earth

How I knew when I was on my "highest" Life Path

As a former elementary teacher of nearly 20 years, I still love to teach others. My favorite times of teaching were when a student would tell me about something she experienced in my classroom that made her feel better about herself.

And, after I left teaching, I operated my BnB and ran that little shop on Put-in-Bay. I really loved it when a customer would come in and we'd connect with conversations about spirituality & of course, my products. But, not for the reasons you may think.

I LOVED it when a person would use a product and then come back, email me, or even tell me while at the island post office, that one of my items helped her. The feeling was incredible and always, always gave me goosebumps. Sometimes the stories made me cry.

For instance, the email that I got from a teenage girl who was afraid to leave the house without plastering on makeup due to her acne. But, then she tried our Lavender Skin Care. And, she wrote to me and told me how it cleared up her skin, which gave her confidence, and she left the house without makeup! Stories like this, have helped me to know I am on the best, highest path.

So, when I would talk to customers about products, it was always because they had an issue that needed attention. I just became overjoyed when this issue could be resolved with help from something I made! Oh, the feeling! To be of service and help. LOVED IT. And, still do, of course.

Pay attention to how you act and feel. When the feels are good, tingly and time isn't an more of those things. When your heart feels extreme love, do more of that! Do less of what makes you look at the clock on the wall. Do less of what leaves you feeling drained & exhausted.  This is what led me to my "highest" path, so maybe it can help you, too?

Lastly, while doing the things that don't make you feel good, try and try to see the silver lining. There is always an amazing lesson to be learned.

Love, Miss Christie (the name my students still call me!)

The photo here with this blog is a former student and I at one of our mainland events in late 2022. 

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