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How does Valentine's Day hit for you?

The years I was single were the hardest. That date. Feb. 14th. It would show up on the calendar and my heart would feel so empty. I didn't really have boyfriends in high school and the college ones were hit and miss.
Then, I got married. Very young. And, then divorced - the first time.
I recall still teaching first graders and my youngest, Meredith, was in my class that year. I was newly divorced and feeling so alone. SO, I decided to call the day Love Day and filled my classroom with more hearts than ever before. I taught them all about loving THEMSELVES and during this, of course, I was teaching myself, too.
I am still teaching and re-teaching myself. It's a journey, for sure. One that means more than just buying personal care products or spending a day at the spa. I firmly believe this is a necessary part of our journey as humans. For if we all cared enough about ourselves to truly LOVE, then war would be obsolete, there would be no famine and there would be no fear. Only Love.
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