Adventurine Meaning Only Earth

Adventurine Meaning

Adventurine in its all its green glory, is all about prosperity. But, you can't just sit around for the lottery to come your way. You must always take inspired action, meaning action that is led by your highest self. Action that feels good in your soul. Action that is divinely led, and NOT led by greed or to gain power.

We've been led to believe (or at least I was) that if you see it and pray for it, then it's yours. Like a magic genie in a bottle. Remember the movie "The Secret?" Well, that is partially true, however, you also have to allow the divine power/God/Universe/Nature to work with you. If something, someone or a life path isn't in your highest good and isn't in the highest good for all, you DO NOT want it.

The old saying, "Be careful what you wish for," speaks of this. Sometimes, things you wished for come crashing down around you if it wasn't meant to be in the first place.

My former thoughts and actions were all about "making life happen." Now, I've changed this to "let life work with me to allow it to happen." AND, I only really want it if it's FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL.

What a relief all this is...what a "new" way to live! Actually, it's not new at all, but it's been introduced to me in the past 2 years by a wise, dear old friend. (She happens to share my birthday with me!) Life is so much more flowing and less stressful because of my new way of thinking and living.

And, I still wear my Adventurine gemstone bracelet whenever I need a reminder of this "new" way of attracting abundance and prosperity.

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